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Interlocks with itself
The Curvomatic panel forming system is a modular structural surface constructed from longitudinally connecting aluminium extrusions. The extrusions join with each other without limit to produce a flexible aluminium skin 35mm / 1.378inches thick with a minimum radius of 1.575” / 40mm. The extrusions are essentially box section beams. The longitudinal joint allows each one to support, and be supported by it's neighbouring extrusions to create incredibly rigid, structural curved surfaces that can be used to form/bend other materials to a very high level of accuracy.

This system is unique in that it not only provides a simple method to construct molds of any size, but it also provides an equally effective and simple pressing system.

The extrusions are totally re-usable and extremely durable.

The kits are simply designed to show some of the ways that the extrusion can be used and to cater to the general needs of the furniture, joinery and solid acrylic surface industries. You can however easily design your own specific kit, and buy the extrusions individually. 


This is our recommended kit for most cabinet makers and Joiners, where the ability to make a wide range of shapes and sizes is required. You can start off with one module and a joining kit and simply buy extra modules when the need for a larger kit arises. These kits are made from 2' and 6" lengths of the 18mm extrusion and can make a variety of different length and width panels.
These short lengths are held together with a joining kit into lengths of 2', 4', 6', 8' and 10'.
The ends of the 2' lengths that form the main body of the kits all sit directly onto the formers where they are joined together and as a result panels made in this way are just as straight as panels made in the fixed length kits.
View Modular Double Hollow kits

Fixed length 18mm kits of all sizes are available in 4 different configurations for specific tasks where the ability to change the length of the mold is not essential.
These fixed length kits can be altered in width to suit each specific task.
The fixed length of the kit does not mean that only panels of the same length can be made. Shorter panels can be formed just as easily if packing strips are added between the cheeks over the formers in the areas not being used for pressing your work.

The minimum achievable radius of a mold made with the 18mm extrusion is 185mm but tighter radius sections can be added by inserting lengths of the 9mm and 30° extrusions.
When making S shapes or straight to curve shapes with Hollow kits you can remove the short sections in the areas where the shape changes to give the extra strength of a solid configuration which is necessary to achieve a perfect result.

If you have a specific job that has radii less than 185mm we are always happy to advise you or design a kit to suit your requirements.
View Fixed Length Kits


This configuration is very lightweight, cost effective for large work and still gives amazing results.
We would recommend this configuration when making very large panels for walls or ceilings.


This is our recommended configuration for most cabinetry and joinery work.
View all Double Hollow Kits


This configuration is the best option when veneering during the lamination process as thin veneers need to be pressed very evenly.
This configuration is also advised for high gloss finished work, forming very thick panels (50mm plus) and when thermoforming Acrylic.


This configuration is incredibly strong and as such is recommended for very heavy duty work such as,
vacuum forming and two sided hydraulic presses.
We recommend that hollow kits are reconfigured as solid in the areas where the shape of a panel changes from one curve to another or from a flat section to a curved section.

We recommend using a facing of 2 or 3mm mdf / plywood on both sides of the mold to achieve the best results.



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