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Vacuum Press Kits

3 Modules + Joining Kit What the kits make
Examples of the different configurations

3 Modules + 1 Joining Kit

1 Module
This kit comprises of:

34 lengths of 18mm Curvomatic x 1’
34 lengths of 18mm Curvomatic x 2”
No screws required


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Vacuum Modular System

This is the best way to use Curvomatic in vacuum forming presses as many different length and width moulds can be made with the same components. The extrusions join together in a half overlay pattern (watch the video for a visual explanation). The end to end joints sit directly onto the ribs that provide the shape of the mould. This means that the finished moulds are equally strong to those made from continuous lengths.

With the modular system, ribs need to be spaced at 1' / 305mm centres.

The Curvomatic surface has the advantage of being breathable. This allows the work to be drawn down evenly onto all areas of the mould even if the shape is very complicated. To make up tighter radius sections in the mould simply buy extra 2' and 1' lengths of the 9mm and 30Degree extrusions.

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