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This page is dedicated to showing your projects and ours, using Curvomatic.
We'd like to show more of it so if you'd like to be featured on this page get in touch through the contact page.

Law & Lewis
Beautiful kitchens made with the use of Curvomatic
James Cook

Law and Lewis

Claredon Fabrications, has found the solution to making consistently good curves easily and ecomonically - without moulds
Thanks to Claredon Fabrication and Furniture Journal for this great write up in their January 2017 issue.

Claredon Fabrication and furniture Journal
Claredon Fabrication and furniture Journal
Claredon Fabrication and furniture Journal

Curved seating unit on Airstream Safari
A blog post about making curved seating.

"Making the moulds themselves was going to be a fairly complicated task, but luckily we came across some wonderful stuff called Curvomatic which was designed with just this in mind"

Peter Mellum At David Haddock ltd
Cabinet Maker & Restorer

Loving the shot of Curvomatic in action, thanks!
Peter Mellum

David J Haddock
Cabinet maker

David says that he loves using Curvomatic and had sent us these beautiful images of his work made with our system.

Furinture by D Haddock

Clarkson Joinery and Furnitures
Right angle curves

I’ve attached a couple of photo’s showing curved panels we made for some vanity units using the Curvomatic. I thought I’d send them before they are decorated as it shows the material better. It really is a great piece of kit and has quickly become essential in our workshop. I have passed your on details to other cabinet makers I know who are equally impressed.

John Clarkson

Jogn Clarkson Joinery

W14 Exhibition
Design and Manufacturing

We really love this exhibition and were so glad we attended again this year. It was great to meet and talk with so many people about Curvomatic. We took at few photos of our stand with some of our latest developments. Take a look below!

W14 Exhibition stand

W14 Exhibition stand

W14 Exhibition stand

Space Plug
"We met Ciff Petit, inventor of the Space Plug who was also exhibiting at W14.
Take a look at his fantastic revolutionary furniture fitting system if you want to save time and money when fitting furniture"

- Jim Burgess (CEO Curvomatic Ltd)

Rapid Form
Curvomatic is now being sold by our French dealership under the name of RAPID FORM.

They are the main French distributor for V-korr acrylic solid surface as well as retailers of solid surface tooling and machinery.

Take a look at this amazing video showing just how easy thermoforming can be if you use our system."

iStone - France

(Distributors of Corian)

CDUKHere are a couple of photos of the latest mould we have built. Itís a 588 rad with a 100mm flat section. The other couple are some 300 rad columns that we cut for a customer. I have been really impressed with the system. I wish had begun using it a couple of years ago when I first saw it , still better late than never !

Mark Horsman


CDUK Panels CDUK Panels

Core 77 Review
Thanks to  hipstomp / Rain Noe from Core 77 for the write up!

" British company Curvomatic seeks to make bentwood creation easier with its titular product. A series of identical metal extrusions are fitting together into a sort of snakelike fence, in most cases taking the place of the topmost form. The idea behind the multi-pronged solution is to provide even pressure, simplify clamping—in some cases band clamps can be used rather than bar clamps—and save material, for applications where the Curvomatic can supplant the second, concave form."
Read more..

Curves from Theta, Romania

We had produced 6 pillars with 2.8 m height and a 1m diameter from thin layers of MDF and bendable multiplex with a thickness of 40 mm. We had covered with High Gloss HPL in the same stage with D3 adhesive. As you can see from the pictures the pieces has fit perfectly and the results was great. The most important thing was that the finish of HPL was perfect because the thin layer of adhesives. I cannot imagine how could be possible to do this job with normal MDF molds, because of the weight of the molds. Anyway, the Curvomatic in this dimension was pretty heavy, so we had built an electric lifting solution for better placing the second layer of Curvomatic. The production time was about 4 days with 2 people, from routing the material till the finish product.

12 different molds, 18 mm thickness, covered with HPL in the same pressing time. The production time was about 5 days with 2 persons, from routing till the finish products. Excellent result as well.
Reception Desk made from 18 mm curved MDF (7 layers of 2.5 mm). 2 elements, one of 1.5 m height, the other one of 2.5 m height. We had painted the MDF in High Gloss water based paint. Excellent results.

And 2 finish furniture made with Hanex Solid Surface.

Mihai TOMA

Managing Partner

Kitchen Doors by JMB

"Good system!! Love it! Saves a lot of time! Once you have drilled the holes and assembled it, which takes some time!!! But once done it's done forever! From then on you simply make two curves out of plywood or mdf, job done for just a simple curve.

If you are doing an S shape like I have done then you need to make four curved formers to make two female sides.
What I used to do was make up a box frame work which takes longer, isn't as good, it's bigger and wastes money on 2x2 and lots of screws.
Curvomatic is quicker, saves on materials and also storage because you can keep two 18mm pieces of ply for later and a large curved box takes up more room.


More info here:

Round kitchen island with Curvomatic

"The Curvomatic works really well by the way - here is a photo of a round kitchen island we made using the system"

Dougal Black

Vacuum Press with Curvomatic

These images of Curvomatic being used in a vacuum frame press, come from one of our customers who wants to remain anonymous for business reasons.

The molds are constructed on longitudinal beams with halving joints to hold the formers. You can see all of the different mold formers stored easily under the press. No plates have been used to cover the ends of the extrusion as masking off the ends seems to work fine with the rubber sheet. A 3mm cover sheet for the mold is being used in this system to prevent lines from the extrusions marking the work.

Vacuum press with CurvomaticVacuum press with CurvomaticVacuum press with Curvomatic

Vacuum press with CurvomaticVacuum press with CurvomaticVacuum press with Curvomatic

Next Front - România

"We've had a few orders for curved MDF and we're happy to tell you the system worked like a charm.
It was a matter of selecting the right adhesive and thickness of the sheets. The curved panels are quite strong, I've even placed 300+ pounds of weight on top of 720x550 mm panel without having to deal with any consequences. Once painted, they looked really nice and the customers are satisfied. I'd like to express my own satisfaction regarding your product and thank you for your support.
This spring we'll place an order for another kit, probably an 800x600 one.
I've attached some pictures of the finished product."

Adrian SIMIONESCU | Director

Curved doors with CurvomaticCurved doors with CurvomaticCurved doors with Curvomatic

Curved doors with Curvomatic

Curved doors with Curvomatic Curved doors with Curvomatic

Korte - Solid acrylic surface fabricators

Large curves with CurvomaticAndris Pukitis of Korte tells us about how he feels that Curvomatic has helped him and the business.

"We are very glad that we found this easy molding system.

1. It helps us save time: previous making some molds its take a time aprox. 4 hr now 45min We make them lot.

2. Easy storage in previous we made a molds and then, after job we throw out. Now any molds takes only 4 cm in thickness and we can easy storage and make a molds library.

3. The mold is made from aluminum, it is a very good heat conductor, it mean that warm detail cooling is faster than in wooden molds. When we made repeating details in previous we calculate 1.5-3 hr for cooling detail and, this time, all time grows, because molds is warming up now it is all time, same time 45 min.

Thanks for inventing so good system for molds."

Best regards
Andris Pukitis

Latvian Curved Doors

We've had some great photos from Ainars Kivulis from Kesa Interiors & Joinery in Latvia who has been using Curvomatic to curve doors.
The first project to show that even shallow curves can be achieved with great results!

"I'm sending you some pictures after the finished work because, just to show you how good is your Curvomatic is. Its really good,
I cant even imagine how I would make two massive veneered oak commodes without it.Its very simple, but unique."

Take a look at the website for more in depth look at their work:

urvomatic in Woodworking Magazine
Review - British Woodworking Magazine

BIG Thanks to British Woodworking Magazine!

John Lloyd explores Curvomatic in this month's British Woodworking Magazine.
They have published a great two page article about Curvomatic.
Take a look below...

urvomatic in Woodworking Magazine

urvomatic in Woodworking Magazine

Speaker Cabinets in Dallas, Texas

AV Science Forum's user 'Passing Interest' has been using Curvomatic to design and build curved panels for a set of speakers he has made. Head over to the AVS forum and take a look at his awesome thread with plenty of photos from the former design right through to the end with the use of Curvomatic.
We've been blown away with the final out come of the speaker system. It really is great to see such craftsmanship!

Making speakers with CurvomaticMaking speakers with Curvomatic

Speaker Cabinets in Dallas, TexasSpeaker Cabinets in Dallas, Texas

Lewis & Hill KitchensLewis & Hill Kitchens

"We have been using the Curvomatic system for the manufacture of our curved cabinet doors and panels, and have found it to be an extremely accurate, quick and easy to use method of making formers for curved components.

It has proved to be extremely versatile and saved us considerable costs as the system is reusable. Materials, waste and dust are minimal compared to the traditional method of making laminated MDF formers,added to which is the benefit of lower labour costs with this much quicker system. I would highly recommend this product."

Simon Lewis
Lewis&Hill Ltd

Carpow LogboatCarpow Logboat

3000 year old solid oak bending at almost 90 degrees.

The National Museums of Scotland have been working on the excavation, recovery and conservation of a 3,000 year old Carpow Logboat. They have used Curvomatic to build formers to reshape a Neolithic oak logboat that was found waterlogged on the Tay estuary.

"Here are some workshop photo’s of some of the bending in action.The logboat has to be heated with industrial heating blankets , we get the wood up to core temperature of about 70-80 degress c, remove the blankets and apply the curvomatic former.

Carpow LogboatIt has worked really well and the beauty is that we can remake the formers very quickly to suit the areas which we wanted to bend. It is really strong and robust and we have managed to some really tight bends. One gunwhale of the boat (top right) has had to bent almost 90 degrees, previously this was almost a flat piece"

Charles Stable, National Museums of Scotland

Niche Designs

The creators of Curvomatic.

"We developed this system due to the large number of Bagpress molds that we were having to make and then store. Curvomatic molds can be constructed in 10 to 15 minutes and the formers can be stored easily if you wish to keep them at all. We never expected that the system would actually work to a higher standard than all the other systems that we have used. The accuracy and strength of the Curvomatic mold is unparalleled by any other non CNC method and the lamination system works 100% of the time with a mere scraping of glue. The running cost of the system is practically nothing once you have purchased it as the extrusions are extremely durable."

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