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Curve Forming Systems

Advantages of Curvomatic?

Molds made in minutes.
Compatible with all pressing systems.
Works for thermoforming Solid Surface.
Uses at least 90% less materials.
As accurate as CNC cut molds.
Re-configurable in length and width.
Quick, simple pressing system.
Very fast curing/cooling.
No maximum size.
100% Reusable
Stores flat.
Low running costs.
No electrical power required.

Curves will simply cost you less!

patent granted

Born from the need to make curved molds without the usual expense and waste. Curvomatic uses a fraction of the materials and time involved with the more traditional techniques.

The amazing strength of the flexible
surface means that it can easily take the one bar pressure of vacuum systems with formers spaced at 400mm apart.

Curvomatics clamping method
gives 100% lamination with a scrape
of glue.

It can laminate / form anything
that will bend, being able to apply many times atmospheric pressure without damage. Panels made with our system are extremely accurate and flawless.

Big panels are not a problem with Curvomatic. Molds can be made quickly even for the largest jobs.

Curvomatic products
Selection of Curvomatic machines

Kits starting at £285.48!
Choose YOUR dimensions!
Kits start at £285.48!

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US Patent Pending 14/002,769 - UK Patent GB2503831 - International pending PCT/GB2012/050476

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